Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sick Day

I don't get really sick very often, for which I'm so thankful.  Right now is one of those rare times though and I'm going to try to remember now that I should be much more thankful when I'm well.  I'm not sure if  I was poisoned by something that I ate or if I caught some killer bug, or maybe my humors just got unbalanced somehow; I know I'm definitely feeling phlegmatic and a bit melancholy. Normally I wouldn't be here typing but my job, at which I raise money for various charities, has been sending us home two hours after we arrive if we don't "sell" $25 worth of clear consciouses per hour. Which means I went home at 10 am.  Normally this would make me panic about money and job security but today I thought it was a gift from God and welcomed it simply as that.   When I got home I crawled back in bed and slept for about four hours and now am facing picking Story up in two, which means I feel like I've wasted a whole Story-free day to get things done (the panic is setting in).  Not that there's anything to do, I just feel that if Story isn't here I should be taking advantage of things like having an open container sitting on the edge of the side table and getting on the computer without being mauled by little hands, both of which I'm doing right now so the day is not a total loss.  I feel a little better.  I think I'll go eat some Tums without hiding in a closet (Story's all-time favorite thing to eat is Tums, over candy and potato chips and everything) and maybe put a puzzle together on the floor, I never do puzzles but it's nice to have that option, or I could set the sugar bowl back on the counter for a few hours where it looks so nice but is filled with sugar and thus cannot be easily accessible.  I love Story like the sky is blue but a more active kid was never born.  Here's to sick days and daycare

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