Thursday, December 16, 2010

Everything you need to know about a woman you can learn from her changes in hair style

One of the guys here at work is going through a divorce. He was telling me that his wife is like a totally different person now. She's changed so much. In the past year she's changed her hair three different times. "I mean, not just different cuts, but different colors too. And not just a few shades this way or that - totally different colors," he said shaking his head and looking down.

A man's reaction to a woman drastically changing her hair three times in a year seems to be bewilderment. Like, "I just kept telling her she looked nice, then she goes and changes her hair again." Bewildering.

A woman, on the other hand, knows exactly what that means. My particular response was "you should have read between the lines on that one." A drastic change in hair style, for a woman, seems to be a reflection of some internal struggle. Like, "I'd really like a divorce, but first I think I'll just cut off all my hair and dye it red. Maybe that will calm the inner turmoil."

In a womans mind, a haircut isn't just a haircut the way a man thinks of it. It is a totem, a crying-out, a rebelion, a symbol of a battle being fought or a battle won. Secure women usually maintain the same hair style for years. Those of us who are a little young and discontent can be identified by our frequent changes in cuts and colors. And a woman who is looking to get divorced, say, might change her hair three or four times in a year. A haircut doesn't solve lifes problems, but it sure satisfies the desire for change, at least for a while depending on what kind of change you're looking for. Pay attention, men.

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