Thursday, March 25, 2010


I've not posted anything in a while because nothing has happened in a while. I sat down today to write something, but then realized I have nothing to write and that I should first explain why there are no new census stories anyway. I've been avoiding that because I'm writing about the government and it occurs to me that I could get in some sort of trouble by some sort of agency that keeps tabs on these sorts of things. Here's the explanation anyway (I'll keep it short though, no rants about the injustice of it or how slighted I feel or anything about any lies we were told because, for the record, I love the government): When I got hired I knew it was temporary, they said there would be enough work for 5-8 weeks. That was fine though because I'd be making enough to save a little and have some money in the bank while I looked for another job. They were right, there was enough work for 5-8 weeks but they made us do it in nine days. There is allegedly another "operation" coming up in April during which we would be seeking out carnivals and campgrounds and other places "transients" live for which I'm allegedly going to be called back. However, I've gotten a few emails from some concerned members of my family and some stern "you-are-NOT-doing-that-job" phone calls from friends (and that was only for knocking on doors of actual houses not climbing around under bridges looking for transients) so I think that if I do get called for the next "operation" my life might be in danger if I DO accept, although for the money it may be worth it to me. So, for now there are no new census stories, and I'm back to being unemployed which is a shame because I really had a lot of fun with the census stuff and it was the first time in my life that I was actually getting paid what I thought my time was worth, I only wish I had the original 5-8 weeks of it. So I'm sitting here thinking about how best to entertain you, and myself. I'll let you know when I think of something...

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