Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This Could Happen Anywhere

Here's a bit of news from the Little Rock area: The other day a woman got a call at work from her adult mentally-challenged son who was at home. He said that there was a troll in his closet. She dismissed this and said there was no such thing and that she'd be home after work. He called again and insisted that there was a troll in his closet. She again insisted that there was no such thing and that she would take a look when she got off work. She received several more calls throughout the day about the alleged troll and I imagine was at least a little curious about what was going on in his head (or in his closet) when she finally arrived home after work. When she went into his room she found all his furniture pushed up against the closet door. I'm sure that his explanation was that he had trapped the troll. Even more curious and a little frightened (again, I'm only imagining her state of mind) she started moving furniture. When she finally got to the closet and opened the door she found an unusually short Jehovah's Witness. He had apparently come calling to share the Gospel and had instead been accused of being a troll and herded into a closet where he remained trapped all day behind a mountain of hastily stacked furniture.

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  1. HILARIOUS! I love that I've stumbled on your blog. Your mind is so entertaining.