Friday, April 2, 2010

Baby Steps

After a stressful month without taking a breath, I finally found a job. It doesn't pay $11.25/hour, nor do I get to drive around all day and sing really loud in my car, but there will be money coming in to pay the bills and I get my own desk where I can display pictures of my family and leave half-empty tea cups sitting there and know they'll still be there for me to clean up in the morning. I don't have to talk to customers or wait on people or take care of anyone and it sounds like I can pretty much keep to myself and do my work and get discounted auto parts. Yes, I'm the, well I don't know what the title is, I don't think I get business cards to clarify that either, but I'm the person who scans invoices into the company interface and sends out bills and makes sure the money is straight and things like that at the Napa Auto Parts store here in Russellville. My transformation into a working-class Southern wife and mother is nearly complete, now I just have to learn how to cook hamburgers that don't turn out like little crispy meat-coins and start drinking way more milk in a day than I do.

Hard work pays off in the end right? That's what they say? I believe it, I have to, but sometimes the end seems so far away so, in the interest of faith, where I used to give up I now just keep working hard trusting that if I keep my head down, keep moving forward, and taking "baby steps" I'll finally get where I'm going. I think we all know that I've not worked very hard at life until a few years ago, so I certainly can't expect the same results as people who have had a whole lifetime of practice at working hard. While my job at the auto parts store is not nearly the Middle Eastern archaeologist or the history professor or even the unpaid intern at McSweeney's position that I aspire to, it is a means to get there and I'm thankful to have it especially when so many people are struggling these days. Baby steps. Little tiny baby steps.

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