Monday, May 10, 2010

Big Green Egg

When got to work on Friday Trish said that the owner, who has to walk through our office and make sure we're working to get to his office, wasn't going to be there that day. She said he was going to some Green Egg thing. As Easter wasn't that long ago I my mind immediately latched on to that and tried to make sense of why someone would hold some sort of color-biased egg hunt weeks AFTER Easter. Apparently, and I've been seeing them everywhere ever since this incident, a Green Egg is a grill that is green and egg-shaped and is special because it smokes AND grills and costs over $1,000, which, I assume, is why people have entire conventions celebrating this wonder of grilling technology.

I asked Trish what people do at an "EGGfest," which we're were foolishly calling a "Green Egg Convention." She didn't really know, other than that people go crazy over these grills. I just now went to the official "Big Green Egg" website, which is how I know that they're called "EGGfests," and the people who attend them are "EGGheads." The website of course offers a full catalogue of Green Egg merchandise (including special charcoal), an events calendar, the "EGGhead Forum" and information about the annual "EGGtoberfest." There's also Dr. BBQ, who is "constantly on the go," traveling all over the country with his EGGS, autographing cook books and such. I still don't really know what happens at an EGGfest other than that people come from all over, campers in tow, with their Green Eggs and pounds of prime smoking and grilling meats, then I guess the husbands just talk and maybe play some music and trade grilling techniques while the wives laugh about how crazy their husbands are about their new grills and trade recipes and everyone hopes to catch a glimpse of Dr. BBQ.

I'm not much of a meat eater, but I like good grilled stuff, I'm sure the Egg would make fantastic grilled vegetables. I'm not much of a convention-attender, but I like good stories, and I'm quite sure I could find a few at an EGGfest. I never have gotten the nerve up to ask my boss about an EGGfest because I'm afraid he'll think I'm either trying to flatter him or embarrass him. The nearest EGGfest coming up is the "Green Eggs and Jam" in Branson, MO though, which is not too far. I don't have a Big Green Egg, but I think they'd be accepting of all kinds at an EGGfest, maybe I'll run into him there.

(Bring it on, Google Adsense).


  1. Yeah, I think just the desire alone will allow you entry into the secret EGGhead society.

    You are so weird - I love it.

    I like my Foreman Grill a whole lot. Have you acquired any information as to why, or even if, the EGG is better?

  2. Yeah, it's like $980 better. Just check out the website, this site is now linked to the "Big Green Egg" site thanks to Google,

  3. Your entire blog space has turned green. I think you should write an entry that mentions Coke and Pepsi and see if you can start your own soda war in Google ads.