Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Bright Light

From our black hole of fashion and acceptable sandwiches, my little corner of the River Valley emerges. Tonight all of Russellville is celebrating because TJ Maxx just opened it's doors for the first time in our town. For those of us who are too young for the over-embellished blouses in the women's department and too old for the shirts with the clever catch phrases in the junior's department at Belk this means that we can finally quit scavenging for clothes that are suitable for our age group, and we can completely remove the word "Belk" from our vocabulary (Is that a family name? It embarrasses me to say it, it just sounds weird). Not only that but Dover is getting a Subway - the sandwich shop, of course. Which is just as great because the nearest place for me to get quick food is Sonic, which is decidedly the best place on the planet to get drinks, but is lacking in their ability to prepare any food that tastes like something other than grease. They keep saying that we're going to get a Red Lobster, but they're having trouble with the liquor license, at least that's the rumor. No alcohol is sold in Pope County, unless you're the unsavory North 40 Club by the Interstate (40 - hence the name) where they also sell crack and women in the parking lot. We don't want Red Lobster coming in here with their fruity mixed drinks and tarnishing our good reputation.

Most days I miss the city, and I always miss my family but on a day like today I feel a little closer. Mom always liked places like TJ Maxx. She got so excited about all the deals on housewares, which explains her entire closet full of sheets and towels. Now I can exasperate and bewilder Story with that same excitement. There was a Subway right across from my apartment in Chicago. Dad used to go there and get their cookies, and I suspect that he only soldiered through eating the sandwich so that he could justify eating the cookies, and the walk over there in 0 degree weather. Red Lobster is awesome, I don't care where you live, but I'm not holding my breath for that one, and for what it's worth I think they deserve the liquor license way more than the North 40. I'm scared to drive by that place after sundown.

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  1. Such insight into your current whereabouts!
    You know I can only partially empathize - living in Marthasville (being that we're so close to civilization).

    Belk - lol, it is embarassing . . . like a mix of belch and yuck.

    From my ville to your ville, I hope you get your cake and to eat it too.