Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A creative way of getting the point across that you don't like your neighbor's dog

An old man called in on the local radio station this morning. He was angry because someone was messing with his dog. I think I've mentioned before how everyone here just lets their dogs run free, so when one person gets a dog everyone in the neighborhood gets a dog whether they were included in the decision or not. Someone obviously thought that they should have been considered when this guy decided to get a dog because they did some real thinking about how they were going to address the situation. That or they don't really mind the dog, they just do a lot of sitting at home, not working, and "thinking." Instead of the pellet gun shooting spree which is the preferred unwanted-dog-handling method around here, this person actually approached the dog, maybe fed it a little bit, made friends with it, put a t-shirt on it and sent it home. I thought that was hilarious, but this guy was not laughing when he said "My dog keeps coming home in T-SHIRTS! And I want whoever is doing this to stop!"