Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Park

It's finally cooling off here. The days are really nice and people, the lazy ones like me who don't like walking to the car in 100-degree heat much less jogging in it, are starting to come back out again. I took Story to the park today. It's a nice park, by the lake and it's got lots of that pea gravel with which Story likes to fill his pockets and inadvertently my washing machine. There's not much of a story here, just a nice day. There were decidedly few people at the park considering it was a Sunday afternoon and the people who were there were the kind of people you like to see when you show up at the park. All the parents were kind of watching all the kids, nobody looked at you like you were a bad parent if they had to rescue your child from getting knocked over by another child coming down the slide, everyone made sure that the little ones stayed away from those drop-offs where the fire station-type poles are, and we all tried to say things like "Wow! That was so fast!" when one of the kids would go down the slide and look indiscriminately to one of us adults for a reaction. It was fun to watch Story. He's like I remember Adam, my soon-to-be-seven-year-old, being. He just did his own thing. He didn't mind the other kids following or copying him, but it never occurred to him to follow or copy. He was talking and people besides me could understand him, he laughed and showed me things, and despite my frustration at him sneaking and eating half a package of Certs that I had in my bag, we both had a good time. We might go to the park tomorrow too.

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