Thursday, September 2, 2010

Small World

There is a new tab where I write posts called "Stats." It will show me how many people have looked at this page, what kind of operating system they were on (you guys are reading this on your iPods?), and where they're from. Of course most people who are reading live in the United States and are related to me. But just under the US, in terms of readership, is South Korea. I have no relatives in South Korea, in fact the only connection I have with Korea is one that I made in the first grade.

Ms. Kim was my favorite teacher (Lyndsay, you remember her). I remember trying to make her eyes pop out. I thought that if I did a lot of work and filled my folder up really full she would be so impressed with me that her eyes would literally pop out of her head. I didn't want to hurt her, but in my first grade mind a person's eyes popping out was the only way I could imagine a person expressing real amazement, and I wanted to amaze her. One time some of her friends visted her. I remember them only as "The Korean Nuns." They wore the black habits and everything and I loved them. I don't know now how long they were there or how often they visited but it seems like they were around a lot and that was good because they always seemed really impressed with my drawings and would let me sit in their laps whenever I wanted.

That's all I know about South Korea. My favorite teacher is from there and there are kindly Nuns with comfortable laps who like my artwork living there. I'm amazed that there are people living so far away, who don't know me, reading these words. It makes me wish I had something interesting to say. If you do live in some far off land, and you are reading this, I, and all my relatives and friends reading this would be amazed to hear from you. You ought to post a comment just so I know you're really out there. My eyes might just pop out.


  1. Yup, I'm writing this from my iPod right now! It can do Internet long as I'm somewhere with wifi.

  2. That's neat :D Hope you get a response.
    I was curious as to why Germans were watching my You Tube videos. I realized it's probably because I tagged my maiden name, Schnaath, in all of them :D

  3. I LOVED Mrs. Kim!!! Do you remember getting smiley faces on our hands for good work, and then putting tape over them to keep them from smudging off? Memories....

  4. I am going to try that tape thing with Elsie because she gets so upset when little thnigs her teacher draws on her hands wash off. thanks for the stories annie